Innovative Engineering Services, Inc. (IES) is a comprehensive structural engineering firm located in Fort Wayne, In. We provide services to a wide variety of clients in the construction industry, including precast/prestressed concrete producers, facility owners, architects and contractors.  Our projects include parking garages, office buildings, educational and industrial facilities.

IES was founded in the summer of 2008.  The staff at IES has over 75 years of structural engineering and detailing experience and hold licenses in 34 states and the District of Columbia. Our expertise has allowed us to be part of many exciting projects over the years such as parking garages at Yankee Stadium as well as projects at Churchill Downs and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We are accustomed to the demands for speed and accuracy of today’s construction projects and welcome the opportunity to be a part of the team environment that it takes to make these projects successful.



IES specializes in the comprehensive design and detailing of architectural and structural precast/prestressed concrete structures. These services include:

  • Preliminary Project Design and Development

  • Value Engineering

  • EOR for Building Frame

  • Product Analysis and Engineering

  • Framing Plans

  • Shop Tickets


In addition to serving the precast/prestressed concrete industry, IES offers structural engineering & planning services in the following areas:

  • Parking Facility Planning and Design

  • Design-Build Consultant

  • Foundation Engineering

  • Structural Engineering for Buildings Constructed of Concrete, Steel, Wood and Masonry

  • Existing Facility Survey and Inspection

  • Concrete Restoration

“We Shape Our Buildings, Thereafter They Shape Us”

Winston Churchill



This project is a total precast/prestressed concrete structure consisting of 8 supported levels of parking and 2 levels above serving as office space.  Each level was approximately 35,000 s.f. The project is located in Newark, NJ.  The footprint of the garage is unique in that it had to be designed to fit the geometry of the site in downtown Newark which presented structural challenges as well as parking flow challenges.  Another unique aspect of this structure is the use of precast bents that were used around the perimeter of the building to form a six-foot overhang of the structure over the sidewalk.


The Celgene project, located in Summit, NJ, consists of a 3-supported level precast/prestressed parking garage supporting two floors of office space above constructed of structural steel.  The building footprint was approximately 92,000 s.f. IES worked closely with the designers of the office building to resolve many design issues.  The parking structure was built into the existing grade on the site to take advantage of the natural grade and minimize earthwork.  The project was featured in the October 2016 edition of Construction Today magazine as well as Winter 2018 edition of Ascent magazine published by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.


The Promedica project consists of two parking structures.  One garage is an under ground one level structure supporting a public park above.  The second structure is a six-supported level garage.  The project is located along the Maumee River and included improvements to the riverfront to create a public space.  The top level of the parking garage is designed for assembly loading to allow people to gather to watch fireworks along the river or events in the park below if they wish.  There is an LED screen on the side of the garage facing the park to show movies on summer nights.  We are very proud to have been a part of this project in downtown Toledo, OH.


This parking facility is one of many within the Crocker Park development in Westlake, OH.  The garage has over 1,300 spaces and was built primarily to support the new American Greetings headquarters.  The garage and office building are connected through a walk bridge at the third level.  This garage was fabricated with structural beams around the perimeter and is a beautiful example of how architectural treatments such as the exterior screening can be added to give it a different look and blend in with the corresponding office building and walk bridge.


This is another parking structure within the Crocker Park development in Westlake, OH with a much different look again to compliment the surrounding buildings which include LA Fitness and Trader Joes.  The east face of the garage faces Crocker Road which is a main thoroughfare through the area.  Special consideration was given to the east elevation which consists of load-bearing precast walls with punched openings and thin brick veneer.  It is an excellent example of how precast concrete can be used both as a structural and architectural element at the same time.  The use of thin brick saves time in the overall construction of the project as it is cast integrally in the panel at the plant thereby eliminating work in the field which is much more weather dependent.  The garage is five supported levels of precast with each floor being approximately 45,000 s.f.

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